Royal Crown Tech Plus AW Hydraulic Oils should be used where hydraulic fluids and other mild lubricants are called for in equipment associated with food processing. This lubricant is able to withstand a wide temperature range while in use and storage. It also can effectively protect the machinery it’s applied to under light to heavy loads. These oils provide anti-wear protection that meets all the requirements of major hydraulic pump manufacturers such as Cincinnati Milacron P-68, P-69, P-70 and Vicker’s 104 vane pump wear test.

ISO 32, ISO 46, ISO 68, ISO 100

STELLA Food Oil fluids are NSF H1 registered Food Grade hydraulic Oil formulated with Synthetic Polyalphaolefin base oil enhance with high performance additive provide superior performance, especially in high temperature applications, deliver premium oxidation resistance, corrosion inhibitors and superior anti-wear additives to promote excellent cleanliness. Longer oil life is achieved due to the exceptional chemical and thermal stability of the additive components in the finished oil